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Welcome to Adorning Angels

Where we understand the importance of providing safe and stylish jewellery for children of all ages.

As two mums who have experienced the challenges of finding suitable earrings for our own sensitive-eared little ones, we are proud to introduce a collection that caters to the unique needs of Tiny Angels (aged 0-4), Growing Angels (aged 5-12), and Teens (aged 13-16 and beyond).


At Adorning Angels, we prioritise the health and comfort of your little ones. That’s why every piece of jewellery on our website is hypoallergenic, ensuring it is safe for children of all ages to wear without causing irritation or discomfort. We know that children can be active, so our hypoallergenic jewellery is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, staying tarnish-free and easy to clean.

Our hypoallergenic jewellery goes beyond just being safe; it’s an investment in your child’s comfort and wellbeing. By avoiding common allergens like nickel, cobalt, copper, lead, and base metals, our jewellery ensures that skin irritation is a worry of the past.

We encourage you to test any new piece on a small patch of skin before regular wear, especially if your child has a history of skin sensitivities.

What materials are used in your hypoallergenic jewellery?2024-04-07T08:12:32+01:00

Our hypoallergenic jewellery is made from sterling silver and some pieces feature 14-carat gold plating. We take great care in selecting these materials to ensure the utmost safety and comfort for even the most sensitive ears. Your child’s comfort is our priority, and we’re proud to offer pieces that not only look stunning but also provide peace of mind for parents.

What payment methods do you accept?2024-04-07T07:54:39+01:00

We accept payment via all major credit cards and all payments are made securely through Stripe. We also offer secure payment options through PayPal for added convenience.

How long does it take to process and ship orders?2024-04-07T08:07:56+01:00

As a family-run business, we take pride in personally packing each order with care and attention to detail. We strive to process orders within 1-2 business days of receiving them. Once your order has been processed, it will be shipped via Royal Mail, our trusted delivery partner. Royal Mail’s standard delivery service typically takes 3-5 business days for delivery within the UK.

What is your return policy?2024-05-17T18:00:21+01:00

Please note that due to hygiene reasons, Adorning Angels are only able to accept returns if the product/s arrive faulty. Please ensure that you read through the details & description of the items to be purchased prior to making payment, so that you are certain the sizing and fitting of the item is suitable for your requirements. Please refer to our T&C’s for full details.

Do you ship internationally?2024-04-07T08:02:13+01:00

No, currently we only ship within the UK. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Do you offer a warranty or guarantee?2024-04-07T08:10:58+01:00

Absolutely! We take pride in the quality of our products, which is why all purchases are backed by a 6-month guarantee. If you encounter any issues with your jewellery, whether it’s a manufacturing defect or any other concern, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always here to assist you and ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your Adorning Angels experience.

What can I do if my jewellery tarnishes?2024-05-13T09:51:26+01:00

Due to the nature of gold-plated jewellery, you may find that over time it may tarnish. We have come up with some useful tips to avoid your jewellery tarnishing which can be found in our maintenance guide. We have supplied you with a protective pouch to store your jewellery in when not being worn to help your jewellery last for years to come.

What do I do if my huggie isn’t closing properly?2024-05-13T09:52:50+01:00

You may find over time that the lever on your huggies moves due to the delicate nature of them. This may cause them to not ‘snap’ in place like they normally do, but don’t worry! It is very normal for a huggie to need some level of adjustment every now and then which is very easy for you to do;

  1. Ensure the huggie is in the open position
  2. Locate the curved post and position it over the main part of the huggie so thar you can ascertain in which direction the post needs moving
  3. Place your thumb behind the post and gently move it in the required direction. Check the positioning by trying to ‘click’ it in place. You will know when you’ve achieved it.

It may take you a couple of goes to adjust it correctly, just be gentle and you will get there!

What is the best way to look after my jewellery?2024-05-13T09:53:54+01:00

We would love your jewellery to last for years to come but it is quite common for plated jewellery to tarnish over time. For your jewellery to stay beautiful for as long as possible, we recommend you follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove your jewellery when in the following locations: shower, bath, sauna, steam room or when exercising. All these things are great for you, but not for your jewellery!
  2. Make sure that any perfumes or body lotions have been absorbed prior to wearing your jewellery. The ingredients can have a desired effect on your skin but not on your beautiful jewellery!
  3. Keep your jewellery in the provided pouch to protect it when it isn’t being worn. This will stop it being exposed to any nasties!
  4. Invest in a gentle jewellery cloth so that you can keep your jewellery sparkling and bright at all times.
  5. We don’t recommend that you use any cleaning products on your jewellery, or use water based sonic cleaners.


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