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Tiny Angels (Aged 0-4)

Explore our adorable and safe earrings for the tiniest members of your family.

Growing Angels (Aged 5-12)

Stylish, affordable earrings for growing angels, perfect for everyday wear.

Teens (Aged 13+)

For older angels, we offer a blend of practical and individual style.

Why Choose Hypoallergenic?

At Adorning Angels, we understand the importance of providing hypoallergenic jewellery for children.
Our commitment to only selling jewellery free from common allergens ensures that your little angels can enjoy wearing our pieces without worry.
Here’s why hypoallergenic jewellery is essential for children’s wellbeing…


Shop with Confidence

We’re confident that your child will love our range, no matter their age.


Protecting our Daughter’s little ears and yours

After purchasing several pairs of earrings that caused our girls to have allergic reactions, we set out to find a safer way for children to express their style with our stylish and practical collection of hypoallergenic jewellery.